Changing trend in socially acceptable body weight? (Read 361 times)


    I was thinking about this when another board I belong to pissed me off posting about "the chubby girl who won Wimbleton" (their words). Marion Bartoli is 5'6" and 138 lbs. Hardly makes her chubby. Black eye


    You may not want to read this Deadspin article.  Here's a taste:


    “Do you think Bartoli’s dad told her when she was little 'You’re never going to be a looker? You’ll never be a Sharapova, so you have to be scrappy and fight,'" is what presenter John Inverdale said on-air, which is the sort of thing he might've wanted to take back a minute after he spoke it, but there it is.

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      The attacking people for being thin annoys me and I'm fat.


      I would look sick at 105 lb which is the low end of my healthy BMI -- since my lean body mass is 10 lb greater than that - but not everyone does.  Different body types.


      I don't like the "real women" things or the assumed anorexia things.

      I also don't like the insinuations us fat people are lazy either.


      I don't want to hear anyone attacking anybody for being thin or fat. Mind your own business.  You can be attracted to whomever you want to but don't insult others for not meeting your standards.


      What people look at and see as overweight may be changing.  I'm not feeling/experiencing it myself though.


      (I have had people comment on my weight uninvited or how I can lose weight - I'm a size 10 at 5'4)



      Feeling the growl again


        I recently got a tattoo on my side.  My tattoo artist told me to "eat a sandwich".  Then I posted a photo of the tattoo in progress.  I got another "eat a sandwich" comment from another guy.  Both of them are overweight.  I would never, ever tell either of them to lay off the bacon.


        Maybe you should.  Perhaps it would shock them into more appropriate control of their tongue.

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