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    I just noticed on my training log it will tell me the VO2 max for that run entry. Could someone explain this to me? How do they figure it out? It has to do with your body's ability to carry oxygen to muscles, right? Thanks from a newbie runner! Big grin

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      In addition... I've also been trying to figure out how the RA blog calculates this. A lot of my numbers seem terribly low compared to averages I've read about on the net. I'm quite certain that I'm not 'that' unfit. Anyone with more knowledge on the RA VO2 max numbers?

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        VO2max is an estimate of the maximum rate at which your body carries oxygen to your muscles. It is largely genetically predetermined, although years of consistent work can budge yours. RunningAHEAD does NOT provide a VO2max estimate, but rather it provides a VO2 estimate for the given activity. If your activity is an all out effort, such as a 5k PR attempt, then the VO2 will approach your true VO2max. But for all your activities performed at a submax effort, the VO2 will also be submax. The only way to know your true VO2max, as with your calorie burn rate, is to have metabolic testing performed.
          (didn't see the previous post before posting, its much clearer than mine) I'm totally new to running and everything related, so my naive guess is that it is the minimum Vo2max. Kind of "If you ran (distance) in (time) then your VO2 max can't be under (Vo2 max.)" My uneducated 'lower back' imagined that to find one's maximum VO2max would require to run at true vo2max speeds for a set distance, so I guessed that the site simply indicates a "at minimum".

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            Right. Also, the 2 should be a subtitle, not a supertitle Wink
              Lots of good information on VO2Max, VDOT, vVO2Max and related topics. Plug any of those terms into the search box (upper-right corner of the screen) and you'll have lots of reading fodder.

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                As trent said this is not likely your true VO2Max. The best way to know your VO2Max is via Lab testing. I actually just had this done and was very informative. Typically you can get your HRMax, Lactate Threshold, VO2max (and calculated VDot) from a session. Most universities offer this for a fee (students get to learn from the data/testing) as well as commercial places.
                  I actually just had this done and was very informative. Typically you can get your HRMax, Lactate Threshold, VO2max (and calculated VDot) from a session.
                  Where'd you get it? How much? What was your experience? I'm considering this. Thanks if you respond.

                    Pretty neat experience. I had mine done at the Center for High Altitude Training in Flagstaff by Jack Daniels himself. It was awesome just from that perspective - he knows so much but is quite humble. I paid $35 but that was discounted. Typically is anywhere from $75 - 125ish. All done on treadmill with mask on that captures expired air for measurement / analysis. Slowly inclining until you are unable to continue. Benefit is that you are then able to train at your different levels (not sure if you use Daniels) with some accuracy - recommended to be retested every 6 -12 months to gauge progress or change.
                      Thanks, man. I don't train Daniels. I don't know that I really "train," but I will print out what you got and use it as a check list/bargaining tool when I schedule one. After I take care of a leg issue. (As simple as I like my pursuits, to be, I manage to find ways to complicate them. Be it running [see above, plus I have a Garmin.] Fishing [I fly fish & kinda tie flies.] Or booze [Love single malt Scotch. And homebrew.]) Thanks again and I hope it's useful to you. Run on.