High Energy Food Suggestions? (Read 136 times)


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    Simple sugars can cause GI isses, like side stitches or nausea, more complex carbohydrates work better.


    Quick question, don't want to de-rail: side stitches are a GI issue?

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      Can be, don't have to be. From my experience, they can be caused be eating (too close before the run, too much even perhaps just the evening before the run, wrong food, which tends to be an individual thing), by breathing somehow wrong, a muscle ache, by bonking, or something else. Not always easy to resolve quickly.

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        On a six mile run, your energy issue may be dehydration rather than a calorie deficit.  If I haven't been drinking enough in the hours before my run, I pay for it.


        If you are running in the morning, before breakfast, then oatmeal, a banana, even OJ or a granola bar should give you a quick energy burst that will last the length of your run.