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    If you're reading this, you probably noticed two new top level navigational tabs. They have been in beta testing the last umpteen years and are stable enough to be publicly accessible.


    The event registration system is not as feature rich as other systems, but serves as an affordable alternative to other options. The club management system came about because my club did not have a good way to keep track of our members, and an Excel spreadsheet is unwieldy.


    I don't expect them to be highly profitable. Like the rest of RunningAHEAD, they are meant to be affordable. Enjoy!


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        I did notice them. This site keeps getting better and better!

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          Nice feature add.  Can the services be used from Canada as well or is is US specific (addresses, fees, etc)


          The Wrong Team

            Hi - thanks for doing this! Dumb tech question: I created a test club so I could see how things work and now I'd like to delete the club. How does one do that? (Apologies if I've missed an obvious "Obliterate All" button.) --Thanks, Christine

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            eric :)

              Nice feature add.  Can the services be used from Canada as well or is is US specific (addresses, fees, etc)


              Good question! While international funds can be collected, they cannot be distributed. For now, the services are limited to the US.

              eric :)

                Hi - thanks for doing this! Dumb tech question: I created a test club so I could see how things work and now I'd like to delete the club. How does one do that? (Apologies if I've missed an obvious "Obliterate All" button.) --Thanks, Christine


                There is currently no delete button. Since all the clubs remain private, you can just abandon it.


                The Wrong Team

                  A very belated thanks for this! (Submitted the question just before leaving town for awhile.) --Christine

                  Runs wrong way down one-way streets.


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