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    Ok, I just started running again for the first time since 2006 when I bad ITBS issues after a half marathon. ( I suspect from not training enough. ) I have kept active playing sports but until recently I haven't been doing any 'real' running.


    I currently am alternating between my Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport and my Brooks Glycerine 4 which I think were an old model in 2006. I guessed on the initial mileage and it may be higher than what my log says. ( 294 miles )


    I am training for the Austin marathon in February and I think I'll need to buy some more shoes by then. Any suggestions on what to look for when I go and try some on? Or is this just a waste of time and I need to just spend some quality time at the shoe store?


    I like the idea of a more minimalist shoe ( less heel height ) but I think I do fine in the Brooks so I don't know. I believe my stride tends to be a bit longer in the Brooks than the Five Fingers and I think I like that. The farthest I have gone in my Five Fingers is 5 miles. I don't have any problems with them but I don't think I would want to run 26 miles in them either.

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      I'll also be running the Austin Marathon, will be my first. Was finally cleared by my Cardiologist in June.


      that said you might want to look into Sketcher Go Bionic shoes. Most of those models are zero heel drop with some cushioning and a design that promotes mid foot landing. They are the first shoes I've gotten more than 300 mi in before wearing out. I used to wear thru the rt rear heel corner of my shoes in <300 mi when using stability shoes that running stores put me in. I switched to the Bionics from Saucony Hattori's which are lighter but have very little cushioning. Also spent a lot of time in Vibram Sprints before making the Bionics my go to shoe. Problem with them is finding them in running stores. Have found them in DSW Shoe stores, and Sketcher Outlet stores where I bought my first pair after trying them on. Since I've been ordering from Amazon. Models have been added to the Bionics series that are no zero heel drop so when ordering on line read the details carefully.



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