Workout customisation: removing Activity column prevents displaying workouts (Read 429 times)

    Setting display columns to Date, Course, Workout Type, Distance, Duration, Pace (Note no "Activity") I discovered that if the workouts screen is customized to not include the "Activity" column then the workouts screen displays only the column headings - no workout data. The work-around is just to always include the Activity column. System Tech specs: Browser: Google Chrome, and Firefox 3.0.5, and Internet explorer 7.0.5730.13 (same problem on all 3) Operating system: Windows XP Pro version 2002 SP2 System 2 Tech specs: Browser: Firefox 3.0.5 Operating system: OpenSUSE 11.0

    Running - cheaper than therapy


      Thanks, that worked for me as well. Before I wasn't able to save a New Run w/o doing this. Although, I was able to add a weights workout before adding the activity chart to the summary page.
      eric :)

        Great investigative work iansyd! I found and fixed the problem. It should work now.