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I've got a fever...

    mobile site or iPhone App...


    On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

      iPhone app would be awesome, I have a GPS watch but sometimes run on a dreadmill so it would be nice to have an app to make entry on the go that much easier.

      2015 Goals 
      1800 Logged Miles

      13.1 under 1:31:00 1:29:52 11/8/15

      Sub 3:20 Marathon (3:31:42 Steamtown Marathon - stomach issues)

      5K 18:57.84 (5/31/2014)
      8K 32:45.96 (3/15/2015)

      10K 42:22.55 (9/2/2013)

      10 Mile 1:09:20 (8/23/2014)

      1/2 Marathon 1:29:52.6 (11/8/2015)

      Marathon 3:27:11 (10/12/2014) Chicago Marathon IT Band issues late in the race


      Running History - Started running in July 2009

      5 - 2 Milers / 55 - 5K's / 1 - 6K / 5 - 8K's / 4 - 5 Milers / 4 - 10K's / 1 - 10 miler / 16 - 1/2 Marathons / 5 - Marathons


      Running Equipment: Garmin 910XT, Brooks Launch

      Chasing the bus

        Bump! If it's a matter of startup money...http://www.kickstarter.com/

        “You're either on the bus or off the bus.”
        Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test


          Hi guys,


          I'm also very interested in an iOS app. But I am ready to do some coding and be part of a team that develops that if someone else is interested.


          RuningAHEAD is the best site to organize my training I feel and I would love to be able to log workouts and do changes on my training from my mobile device (don't really care about having the application logging my run, there are GPS watches for that).


          Anyone thinking of getting their hands dirty and write this app?


            I may get around to it if someone else hasn't done it first. It somewhat fits into my current startup plans. I do have a couple of other iPhone apps, Subway Shuffle and AutoStitch.

            not bad for mile 25

              AutoSnitch could be a big seller.


                If you do decide to take over this project, I'll be happy to participate in the coding.


                I'm new at iOS and UI coding so that's why I don't feel like I can build the project on my own, but I can definitely help out.


                Besides, I need a startup project to occupy my brain Smile Send me a message if you want to discuss further.



                  Any updates on this?

                  it would be awesome if there was an iOS app.


                    Did this happen? I see posts from a few years back saying an app is 'coming soon' but haven't seen if it really came out.

                      I screwed up and deleted my RunForth app on my iPhone.  So I tried to download it and I can't find it anymore in the app store.  Has anybody else had this problem?  Is there a new app I can replace it with that will sync with Running Ahead?