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    Okay, this is kinda strange.  When I run, my abdomen gets pretty tight -- not in an unnatural way.  Every once in a while, for unrelated reasons like trying to breath water, I have to cough.  When I do so, I get a sharp pain in my lower abdomen, left side, 4" below navel, 4" to the left.  It feels like that muscle is weak.  Maybe this is what a hernia feels like?  I don't know.


    This is the only time it happens.  Only a hard cough.  Only when I've been running for more than 8mi.  Though, I haven't really tried to experiment with shorter distances or tried to encourage coughing.


    I'm pretty sure if I had a coughing fit I'd end up rupturing something.


    I plan to do more crunches and sit-ups.


    Anyone heard of this kind of thing?

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      Do you have any history of Asthma? I have had friends that outgrew Asthma, but sometimes when they run, they feel coughing and light symptoms of asthma.

        Running causing coughing is fairly normal--I have that quite a bit depending on the weather. I had asthma as a kid. Cold and/or dry and/or high dust/pollen/smog days are triggers for me.


        The sharp pain sounds like a stitch a.k.a. side stitch. Things like drinking too much water just before or during running, and coughing can trigger a stitch. There is some anecdotal evidence that poor posture while running can contribute as well.


        Unfortunately there is not a whole lot you can do about a stitch except try to avoid the things that trigger them.

        Runners run.

        Needs more cowbell!

          Erratic breathing can cause side-aches, too...so if you're coughing it makes sense that you could be triggering stitches that way.  Or...are you running with others and talking?  About the only time I get side aches is if I'm running with someone and we're doing a lot of chatting.  My kid sometimes gets side aches when we run and I have to tell him to quit talking to make the stitch go away (he talks a blue streak.  If he actually stopped talking while running there is NO way I could keep up with him.  Kid has some freaky aerobic potential!).

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            I get the same thing. After a hard run, I get the coughs and my lower abs will hurt with each cough. Sneezing hurts too. I don't think it's anything serious. After yesterday's half, I felt like I had smoked a pack of Marlboro Reds. Reverse crunches can help the abs maybe. And don't neglect hip flexor and groin stretches after running.