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    Seeking advice.  I'm a relatively experienced runner at the end of my training cycle for a marathon in < 2 weeks.  Last Saturday was a taper run at target M pace (13.5 miles).  I felt a little bit of right knee soreness at the beginning of the run, but really had no issues.  Overnight, I felt some soreness while I was sleeping.  On Sunday morning, I ran an easy 5 miles.  The knee was sore at the beginning of the run, but it seemd like the pain moved into my calf and foot by the end of the run (in hindsight, I probably should have skipped the run).  However, Sunday afternoon, it was painful to walk (especially on stairs) and that has continued Monday and Tuesday.


    The pain is on the outside of my knee, so I strongly suspect ITBS.  This is the first time in 10 years of running that I've experienced this.  I've been foam rolling (including glutes, HS's, quads and calves).  I'm out of town for work this week, but could likely get in for a sports massage next weekend.  The place I go to is generally pretty good at helping with issues.


    Any advice on rehab to try to get back on the road for my marathon in 12 days?  I recognize it's a long shot, but thought I would reach out to the experienced people on this board.


    Thanks in advance for any advice.

      Have you thought about doing some light manual therapy/scraping on yourself?  I would also include really digging in with your fingers to the IT band area, quad, and hamstring.  I want to note I'm not a medical professional, but this has worked multiple times for me with races coming up with no adverse consequences in the past.


      Stress the muscles with manual therapy, work out any kinks, then let the muscles rest for 3-4 days before trying again.


      Best of luck!


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        Is it better today? Don't over treat or grind on it. It wants to heal but if you over roll, over stretch etc it can prolong issue. If you cut your arm, do you rub and stretch around it constantly? Movement (non irritating) is good. Biking, elliptical. Walking if no pain. I would probably let it calm down another 5-7 days to see how it responds.

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          Hip mobility. Do everything you can to stretch and work on your hips. Saved me big time from the same thing you are dealing with. It can be turned around very quickly with diligence.


            BCarv How did your marathon go? Did your suspected ITBS heal up prior to the race?

            Go as long as you can, and then take another step.