The NYTimes on a new trend: Dog running services (Read 715 times)

    They Take the Bounce Out of Bowser “It’s a good part-time job for people who work at night, people who run and people who love dogs,” he said. They typically make $20 to $35 per dog per run. Both companies charge $28 to $40, depending on the time. (Runs last from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the dog.) Freelance runners are often cheaper. I should start one of these around here. Someone would PAY ME to run with their dogs??! I love running with mine.
      I'm with you! But I can't imagine anyone in my area paying that much! Maybe $5-10 for the same amount. I guess NYers have Big Bucks.
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      madness baby

        Does your dog need some exercise and some extra attention? Is your dog walker not stimulating enough for your dog? Introducing a great new dog-running service in the Los Angeles area! $25/ each half hour (water stops included). Additional services include: Personal training (stop to play in the park) Throwing a frisbee on the beach Run to the beach, walk on the strand, take a picture in Venice Beach And our most popular service: The Run/Walk combo with a doggie "burger" treat from an upscale bakery! Call me and get that dog into shape now for the summer! Hmm. . . I should put up posters! Nothing like making cash and having some extra company while you do what you love! Big grin
          i had an ad up on craigslist the entire month of october last year saying i'd do this for FREE b/c i missed running w/ my old 4-legged companion but my dude wasn't ready to adopt a new big dog. not one single bite. people don't trust people who do stuff for free, i guess.

          Princess Cancer Pants

            Get paid to do something I'm already doing...? Just think of all the shoes (and *cough* Garmin *cough*) I could buy! Big grin I keep thinking how nice it would be to take my neighbor's sweet, small male German Shepherd on runs with me. He *looks* tough, but is a big sweetie and doesn't get much attention. Seriously, though, that's a great idea. I'd only be worried that a dog I'm running with would take of and get lost or hit by a car. I couldn't live with myself if a pet in my car met such an end. Sad k

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