What do you do to take care of your feet? (Read 777 times)


    It depends on what's wrong. I typically use a foot wheel.


      Roll the bottoms of your feet with a Lacrosse ball and a golf ball.  These are very inexpensive and do a good job.


        I use a rat tail and flat steel files on my calluses. It's very manly.

          Crocs, Rubz Ball, heel drops, technical fabric socks for running, good shoes, heated foot whirlpool

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          delicate flower

            I just pick at my feet and throw the dead skin at the cat.


            Feeling the growl again

              I just pick at my feet and throw the dead skin at the cat.


              You and Buelligan win.

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              I am spaniel - Crusher of Treadmills


                Ecco dress shoes.

                VFF house slippers.

                Nails trimmed and filed, more to preserve the toes of my hoity-toity Injinji lightweight toe socks than for vanity/comfort.


                I keep looking at toe spreader thingies (like THESE or THESE), but I can't bring myself to actually buy/use them.

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                  As a minimalist runner I think stretching and flexing the feet and ankles is important.  I do toe stretches similar to the picture, but standing (in the shower) with the toes against the tub wall.  I also sometimes curl the toes downward, at least when the feet are not threatening to cramp.  Flex ankles in all directions (left, right, in out, etc.).

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.




                    Running is stupid

                    12 Monkeys

                      I do nothing special for my feet. I just go on with life. I run some too. They seem to do okay.