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    How do you guys/gals have your screens set up and why? I currently have time, pace, HR and distance set up. I also have alerts set up for every .25 so I get a decent idea of current pace. My 2nd screen is where I struggle. I like elevation, HR Zone, Avg Pace and Ave HR. What do you think is the best indicator for your pace? Pace, Lap Pace or Avg Pace? It seems as though when I turn around my pace gets all messed up and it tries to play catch up. I think the sudden turn in direction really messes it up.
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      I have a 205 so no HRM data to worry about, but I have two screens I use most often, each with three windows. The first one has the Total Time in the top half with Lap Pace in the lower left and Distance in lower right. The other screen, which I use for workouts, has Current Lap Time in the top half, Lap Pace in the lower left and Lap Distance in the lower right. When I'm not doing pre-programmed workouts, I turn on auto-lap to record a lap every mile. Lap Pace is the best indicator of your current pace. I primarily use the garmin as a data collection device so I'm generally not looking at it very often and tend to treat it like a stop watch.

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        My second screen setup is similar to mikeymike's. For most of my running, I like Lap Pace better as it is more stable and doesn't bounce around as much as Pace. A friend of mine uses the alerts and loves them, but personally I find them annoying so I don't use them. I tend to glance at it every once in a while to make sure my pace is staying where I want. I use this screen more than the others - probably 75% of the time (or more). I use the first screen with the defaults (total time, total distance, and pace). I rarely look at this screen - occasionally when I've forgotten how many total miles I've gone. I use the third screen for HR and Avg HR - but I don't look at this one much either. I mostly flip to this screen when I'm done and cooling down. While I plan to try some HR-based training in the future, I currently look at this in GTC after the run. The screen that contends with screen #2 for eyeball time is the "extra one" that pops up (#4 so to speak) during a custom workout. I use these for easy runs with 10x100m strides at the end, tempo runs with easy miles before and after, and HR zone runs. I probably look at this screen the most when I'm actually running the strides. One of my new favorite sounds is the series of beeps the Garmin makes before each stride or rest period. While I haven't done any "official" speedwork with it yet, I can see how it would work like the strides - making it simple. When I keep things simple, it's easy for me to keep doing them. MTA: I don't do much out and back stuff and haven't noticed any pace weirdness when I have done them.

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          If you run near buildings, trees, etc., I recommend that you put GPS Accuracy on screen 1. Its always good to spot-check and be sure that you haven't lost good signal acquisition. And if you do, then you know to simply hold up and allow the watch to reacquire the satellites. I've gotten much more accurate tracks -- and have more confidence in the numbers on the screen -- since I started keeping an eye on this.

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