Heavy Americans ;-) (Read 499 times)


    Hi! Something not soo important, but funny: When I as a metric units user watch other people's profile, the units are changed, but not the values. So, people in America seem to be perfectly content when they reach a weight of 175 kg Shocked My profile will probably look similarly strange, just the other way round ... But let me say, Eric: I wouldn't mind, if this site wasn't so phantastic in so many other respects (and I like to read your TO-DO list, looks very promising). -Christoph.
      I always thought it was funny when people said they were 50 - 80 pounds... Your profile says you're 74 pounds... why would you want to get down to 65? <g> But like you said - the "to do" list is so big I didn't think this was a big issue... Janell</g>

      Roads were made for journeys...

        clange, You are way underweight! You're 74 lbs and you want to be 65? My left leg alone is 30 pounds! Seriously, I didn't think about international users when I first created it, which was over a year ago. It's not hard to fix, but I'm wondering if it's better if I simply redo the entire profiles page so it can be something similar to myspace.com. Since it only makes me look dumb, I'll leave it like that for now because there are far more important features waiting. eric Smile