Alternatives to Nike Free that accommodate wide feet? (Read 130 times)

Still kicking

    The clown shoes and flippers probably have more toe box room than the Hokas. I love my Hokas, but have to go at least a half size larger than I normally do, to get adequate toe room. I can't believe that a company like Hoka, that is getting so popular, doesn't listen to the growing outcry for wider shoes. I've gone through two pairs of Altras, and their comfort, width, uppers and toe box room are far superior to anything Hoka. But they pounded out way to soon and I can't afford a pair of shoes a month. My current Hokas have over 1100 miles on them and still going strong. I just wish they would listen to their customers, and stop it with the narrow torpedo shaped shoes, and give our feet more room.

    I'm also on Athlinks and Strava

      the hokas look wide because of the wide stance of the midsoles but really are on the narrow side.  how about the Brooks Pureflow?  widest toebox of their Pure Project lines.   4 mm drop, light weight, light stability & nice cushioning.