Strengthening Program for Injury Prevention (Read 1045 times)

    I am looking for advice on a general strenghtening program to build my bodies resistance to injury in hopes of tackling more mileage in the future.


    Does anyone have any recommendations?  Any good books or websites on the topic?



      Chapter 4 of the 2nd edition of Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger/Douglas has some great stuff.


      (and the rest of the book ain't so bad either... though it might be an overkill purchase if you aren't focused on advancing your marathoning)


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        This is a great program.  It's designed with triathletes in mind, but most of the exercises will help with running performance and injury prevention.  Don't forget to include some core (abs, butt and hips (abduction and adduction).

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          Seven decent basic exercises are at:





          Including the following will help too:


          • High knees
          • Butt kicks
          • Toe walks
          • Heel walks
          • Skipping
          • Lunges
          • Sideways 'jumping jacks' - i.e. leg motion is sideways rather than up and down

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            Here's another option.


            Proprioceptive exercises



              Chapter 4 of the 2nd edition of Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger/Douglas has some great stuff.



              I bought this book for this very content.When you can run injury free, the overkill purchase seems to pale in comparison to the alternative. I dropped 20 bucks in change through my sofa cushions last quarter...the book price isn't bad at all.

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                Thanks to all for the great feedback.  (I expected no less  )  I am looking forward to incorporating into my weekly schedule and this will definitely get me started.


                True, 20 bucks is nothing.  I have heard alot of buzz about 'Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger/Douglas' so I am ready to make the splurge.  Better than paying to see the doctor, I figure.


                  Here's another option.


                  Proprioceptive exercises


                  I am enjoying these exercises and I am finding they are alot harder than they sound.  My balance and supporting muscles are not what they could be.  I know this is a direct result of my lifestyle and the basic lack of any supplemental exercises...... Sit in office chair, run, sleep, repeat......... I am definitely missing the no-thought benefits of participating in a variety of sports which seem to be few and far between these days.


                  I was experiencing some minor knee pain which has been bothering me for a week or so.  Amazingly, after my first round of the exercises, I am finding that my knee pain has all but subsided.  I am not sure if it sparked my muscles to life or what?  But I am certainly welcoming the results.


                    I'll just throw in my favorite for yucks: "Starting Strength" By Mark Rippetoe amd Lon Kilgore. The strength training Bible. 



                    Barefoot and happy

                      If you want legs and feet of steel, do some barefoot runs.  You'll discover very quickly which muscles are underdeveloped. 
                      Curious about running barefoot? Visit the new barefoot running group.

                        Hill running works for me and I can incorporate this into a normal workout in case you are short of time. Lydiard has some good hill examples. Hill training stuff

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