Is there a way to enter and track goals? (Read 782 times)



      I haven't had time to work on it yet but this is something I will be adding soon.

        Eric - this would be great to add as well.  Here are some observations based on other sites out there as well as a workaround I use in RA.


        Some sites allow you to set goals but they can only be at the "week" level, as in run 20 miles this week.  Which may work for a lot of folks, but I don't find particularly useful because it's too high a level of detail and I can end up "cramming" in a bunch of miles at the end of the week to make the goal.


        I prefer to have daily goals - and have the RA sum them up by week or month or even year.  In other words, allow me to put in specific running goals by day - which would allow me to enter any of the running plans we use to train for events - and then show actual against goal in the Summary column of the calendar.


        A work around I use now is to create a new Activity Type called "Plan".  Then I enter a "Plan" activity for each day I am going to run at the distance I plan to run.  Then RA will add up the miles in the Summary column and I can see my actual "Runs" as a total right next to it as the week progresses and when the week is over.  If I start with an event - like a half marathon - then work backwards using any of the available half marathon training plans - I can see my "Plan" expressed in weekly daily activities as well as weekly summaries in RA.


        For the triathletes out there - they can create "PlanSwim" and "PlanBike" and "PlanRun" activities and use those on any given day.  The concept will work the same, these "Plan" activities will accumulate a total under Summary for each one and then they can compare it to the actual activity volume/Summary.


        The only issue becomes reporting.  Because "actual" is not related to "plan" in these activities - there is no report to show actual against plan or goal.  But you can run a report or graph for each activity - the actual one and the plan one - and then manually do the comparison if you're interested in any summaries beyond a week - e.g. month, quarter or year.


        Hope that helps...


          GREAT IDEAS!

          To build on that, think about the concept of comparing to 2 logs. Users could simply have 2 "logs". One for actual (as it is used today) and one for future (think of it as goals). Building functionality to view and compare 2 logs would allow users to plan both workouts and set goals (for races, workouts etc).


          Doing it this way you don't have to think of, design for, code and test new interfaces, fields, interactions etc.


          As a side benefit you could extend this to compare one's log (past or future) to others' logs (past or future). 

            One can also enter weekly and daily goals as events.


            In calendar view, you can then see whether or not you made the goals you set.

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