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    I have right foot injury, but it has been 2 months since I got it. I feel a little pain but I wanted to go back running to keep me active. How many miles can I have as an initial start again? Thanks for your help!


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      Short answer: It depends.


      What was the injury and have you corrected whatever caused it? If not, it might just come back and set you back again. Have you been resting it 100% or are you doing other things?

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        Hopefully, you addressed the cause so you don't have recurrence. First day warm up really good with a mile walk and then run a mile easy and walk it out and call it the day. You need a pain free win to start this out. Build slowly from there to start with day off between early on. Nothing wrong with mixing in walk breaks those first 2 weeks while slowly building back up. Give youraself at least a month of slow build up. You want no set backs.

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          Yes, I agree. I am planning to warm up daily with a mile walk in the morning.


            Try to do some walking for 1-2 miles,  just make sure to warm up and cool down after.