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    So my daughter lost her phone and we are with at&t. I don't want to extend our contract. What options do we have in regards to replacing her phone. Where can we get a replacement and what fees will we have to pay? Any suggestions?

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      My daughters have lost and/or destroyed a few phones but the family is on Verizon.  Usually I take one out of my phone drawer and go on Verizon website and activate the old phone with daughter's number.  "Here you go, kiddo, you get to rock my old Razr from 2004!"  It could not be easier.  This is generally a temporary solution until I can buy a refurb phone on Amazon or they are due for a "free" upgrade.


      Just buy a cheapo refurbished phone on Amazon or some such.  No contract.


      With at&t it may be slightly more complicated because you need to get a replacement SIM card, but you'll figure it out. I have faith in you, Bearcat.  Stay gold.

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        Used phones on Ebay can be had for a fraction of the cost of a new phone.


        If you want to teach her a lesson, you can buy her a really ugly one that works for under $20.


        I would imagine you might need a new SIM card from AT&T.  Quick check of their website shows them for $5.95.

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          Ebay is a good way to go. Also if you have friends on AT&T you could see if they have an old phone. 


          Cheapest phone that's minimally functional is the way to go for a replacement phone used as a stop gap.

            Or, if your main objection is extending the contract with AT&T, get her a phone with the next carrier you are planning on using.  The entry price for the phone at least, will be close to $0.  Of course you'll have to deal with two bills (and hers will be higher, but not as high as buying a new phone).


            That won't teach  a lesson, though.


              Yeah but that's a hard lesson to explain if you lose YOUR phone next. I do what mikeymike does, also delighting in how old the replacement 'drawer model' is. I think you should ask a few friends, I bet someone has one. If you do switch carriers, I could get you somewhat of a monthly discount as I'm an employee

                I did the "drawer replacement" for my daughter once when she dropped her phone into the toilet.


                As for me, I had a 2004 Razr, and I LOVED IT.  I was due for a free upgrade for over a year, and had no plans to use it soon.  But one time I was out biking, and a thunderstorm came up.  I had the phone in my backpack, and, dammit, if the thing didn't hold water.  All pooled up in the bottom along with my Razr.


                I ended up getting a new phone, but i don't like it as much. 


                  Thanks for the great responses.  You helped quite a bit.  I did some internet searching as well and found out you could get a go phone and have that activated in place of the old phone.  So we found one that is kind of a blackberry knock off for $50 my daughter seems to like.  She paid for that with her own money.  I was going to have Bestbuy activate it when they told me it would be $30 for the sim card.   I remembered seeing dgb2n reponse about it being 5.95 on AT&T's website and so went to AT&T to see what they would do.  Well they gave me the sim card for free with no actvation fee.  Plus the same go phone at their store was over $100.  So I think I did pretty well.  I had my daughter with me the whole time so I think might have picked up something about doing a little research.  However, I'm not sure that really sunk in much.  Mostly I got "Oh daddy look the little globe spins!"  Darn kids.

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