Running with hallux rigidus? (Read 55 times)


    Hi, all!


    I'm getting into running 11 years after my first attempt which I gave up on due to hallux limitus - it's now rigidus, but my PT and podiatrist encouraged me to start again with proper shoes (I got Hoka Bondi 8s) and stretching.  I started a C25K program and the toe pain is manageable, but I'm getting some arch pain in the other foot and was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to set myself up for success.


    Thank you in advance!

      Is the  pain in the middle of the arch, or back towards the heel?


      If it's a stabbing pain towards the heel, look for threads about plantar fasciitis.


      If it's general pain in the middle of arch that quickly goes away when you stop running, then it could be that you are running too far too fast too soon.  I had such a pain when I first started to build mileage.  I could get immediate relief by stepping on a log or large rock with my weight on the middle of the arch.  The remedy is to take one or a few rest days, then resume running at lower mileage and slower speed.  Tendons strengthen slower than muscles, so don't be surprised it it takes months or years until those tendons catch up to your muscles.  Just limit your speed and distance until the problem is an occasional minor annoyance.  Arch support insoles might help.


      In any case, something will limit your ability to run faster and farther.  It it is not your feet, it will be something else.


        Thank you. The pain is in the middle of the arch, but doesn't go away much at all. Perhaps it's the need of the tendons to strengthen and they are getting a bit inflamed?




          It sounds like the middle arch pain could definitely be from your tendons adjusting to the new activity. When you first start running, everything has to adapt which can lead to some discomfort. I'd say take it a bit easier - try walking intervals instead of running or cut your runs a little shorter. Make sure to stretch that arch too. Give it some more time to strengthen up. Don't push through pain. Listen to your body and ease into it gradually. Hope it starts feeling better soon!


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