Mizuno Wave Rider - how many miles? (Read 1361 times)

    I have a pair of Wave Rider 13 with about 300 miles (I run on asphalt for the most part) and I feel like they're already wearing out. The soles look worn and my knees have killed me after my last few long runs. I know they wear out quick, but c'mon! While we're on the topic of Mizuno, does anyone have the Precision? I'm debating switching. Not because I'm unhappy with the Rider, but because I'm curious about the Precision.


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      I got about 400 miles out of a pair of Wave Riders.


      I'm on my 3rd pair of Precisions. They are my favorite shoe.


      I got around 500 miles out of each of the first two pairs - and I'm not sure if they are done yet.

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        I'm at 470 with my Rider 13s and they're still going strong. Ran 20 on them Saturday but that was trails. I just got a new pair to work into the rotation but I expect to keep running on the old ones for a while but probably not for anything longer than 8-10 miles. Everyone's dependency on cushioning is different however. But I rotate several pair of shoes and that extends the mileage. YMMV.


          I had similar results w/ the Wave Rider.  300-400 good miles, then they were basically flat.  I've tried pushing them to 600-700 (get about 1000-1100 out of heavier shoes), but would get injured. I think they're a fantastic shoe for good, hard running, but rotate w/ a heavier shoe that I'm not excited to run hard in.

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            I went through 12+ pairs of Riders back in the day.  I got 700 miles out of them.  My strategy is to keep 2 pairs in rotation -- a main pair and a short run pair.  When prior main pair hits 500 miles, it becomes the short run pair for the last 200 miles of its life and then is retired at 700.  A new pair is brought in as the main pair.


            This maximizes mileage life of each pair while reducing the impact on the body of an aging shoe.  Shoes don't suddenly go bad, it's over time.  So I feel it makes sense to stop using older pairs for longer runs.  (My short run pair is used on anything <8 miles).


            I have been wearing Precisions exclusively since around 2005.  So more than two dozen pairs, average 3-5 pairs/yr.  Same fit as the Rider, just a lighter shoe.  The only difference I noticed was I was not carrying unnecessary weight.

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              The Wave Riders are my shoe of choice too.  Usually I can get over 500 mi on them but sometimes it depends on what weather conditions they've been through or terrain.  If they go through a rainstorm, it seems like the cushioning goes out pretty quickly.  I used to rotate shoes and what not but now I just stick with the same ol pair until they're done.  If the soles are worn and your knees are bugging you then it sounds like the shoes are ready to be replaced.


              I found the Precisions lighter and comfortable too but  I stuck with the Riders since I figured they are more durable and I'd get more mileage out of them. 

                The Precisions are the worst wearing shoes I have ever had and I will not be getting them again. I got less than 250 miles out of one pair whereas I can usually get  500 miles out of other makes. I am a sub-140 lbs male and a bit of an outer-heel striker which is where they were breaking down. Nike Vomeros are my shoe of choice at the moment - if I can get them cheap enough!


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                  The first run I had in wave riders (believe the 11s which seemed to be a problem for many people) felt weird and I kept giving them other chances on shorter runs, but just felt like uncomfortable even though I wore wave creations for cross-country.. tried them on a long run and seemed to screw up my knee just 10 miles in of the same route I do every day. I can't fully blame this on the shoes as I was in the middle of great progression and a hot streak of training but I sent them back and got wave precisions and felt great in those once I recovered. I usually only use them for more upbeat/interval work but they worked awesome for my 2 marathons and yeah they seem to wear a lot easier but I totally expected it. On my 2nd pair and probably going to progress into using them exclusively.

                    Here is something I just discovered on the Mizuno website.  The Wave Rider 13 is listed at 8.6 oz and the Precision 11 is at 8.5 oz.  Apparently, the Wave Riders have gotten lighter so I'm not sure there is much weight benefit anymore.


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                      I love the wave rider! I got 420 miles out of my last pair. They looked ok but my knees were hurting and they felt soft when I tried to bend them. My new pair has been great.

                        I have a retired pair at 400 and im running in a pair now that is about 345

                          Riders are my favorite fitting shoe, but no long runs after 250 -300 miles, but I am a heavier runner ( female 140lbs). I also like Brooks Ghost (high arch) and Nike Frees