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    There is a great RA Group about slow running and low HR training: http://runningahead.com/groups/LOWHRTR/
      Just to discuss a misconception about Maffetone training, it's not about slow running, it's about building aerobic speed (faster paces while using fat as the predominant fuel source), and maintaining a healthy body through managing stress. At first, it is slow for most, but the longer you stick with it, the training paces return to where you used to train before. This translates into better race times. Maffetone also includes an anaerobic phase after the aerobic phase. Then of course there is race season where you get all the speed work you need. This article here explains what happens (by 6-time Ironman Tri winner Mark Allen). He was an elite athlete used to training in the low 5:00's. When he began this low-HR training, the HR limit (MAF) forced him to slow to 8:00 miles, which for an elite is pretty slow. He's written about how his training buddies left him in the dust. After a long commitment to the training , he was back in the 5:00's, but at that very low HR. That's when he began winning the Ironman. So. to me, it is not about slow running at all, though some is most definitely involved for awhile. If done correctly, the slow paces are temporary. This training doesn't go over well with the general running populace, so I won't spend time trying to sell it, just clarifying. Keep going! --Jimmy

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        The principles are sound. I just disagree with the formula.

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          The principles are sound. I just disagree with the formula.
          I'm with you there. Just as 220-age is a sucktastic approximation for max HR, I think 180-age is probably just as bad. Even with the adjustments, it's purely ballpark. I had a cross country coach who said something like, "Easy days should really easy, hard days should be really hard, and medium miles are wasted miles." Also, during the off-season he had a strict no-speedwork policy until I was up to at least 40-45 easy miles per week. Simple, but I think it actually aligned nicely with Maffetone's principles of easy base building to increase aerobic capacity and prevent injury.

          On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

            the spine of the program is the management of stress, Basically, fitness does not mean you are healthy. You can be fit enough to run a fast marathon, but you might have a compromised immune system, injuries, etc. The program tries to maintain health while trying to create a huge aerobic engine the 180 formula and the heartrate monitor help you stay in that fat-burning ballpark that's their only purpose--a combination sheepdog in a way--slows you down, then speeds you up over time at the same level of exertion. Now time for a little Christmas time. Two new pair of Raceready shorts this evening as early presents. I can now make it through an entire week running with pockets HAppy New Year

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