Knee or Hammy? (Read 252 times)


    Yes, I too am looking for a diagnosis on the internet from trusted strangers. Wink


    It started with a twinge in my knee around the kneecap, ironically during PT.  I didn't think much of it until the next day during my run when I noticed it again.  I figured out that lifting my knee past a certain level would cause the sharp "twinge" in my kneecap area (not on the plant, but on the lift).  I noticed no swelling, but applied ice and elevation.


    Fast forward several days, and I no longer notice the sharp knee twinge, but the back of my knee just feels tight.  Stairs are annoying.  Sitting in an office chair with my knees bent is especially irritating.  It feels best after several miles of running.  I'm still with the ice and elevation after a workout.


    This morning, I'm feeling some of the tightness in my knee but notice it moreso in the lower and mid hamstring.  Again none of this is sharp pain, but a dull ache and tightness.


    If this description makes any sense, does this sound like a particular knee issue or a hamstring?  I feel like I can continue to run LSD if I stay away from any high intensity stuff.  Mostly, I'm trying to figure out if I should work through this ding or if rest is a better course of action.  Like many of us, I have a goal race coming up in a few weeks...rest doesn't sound appealing at all.