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    I ran 4.2 miles this morning at a 6:55 pace. Not too fast for most of you, but I haven't run sub-7:00 in years. I turn 40 in October. I guess I woke up having a mid-life crisis and had to see if I still had any gas in the tank. I grabbed my watch and ran for time (rare for me). To tell the truth, it wasn't very difficult. I take it slower these days to avoid injury, but I could easily have done a 10 K at that pace. Maybe a sub-40 for my 40th birthday could still be possible. Thanks for allowing me to brag. Big grin
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      That's awesome! Brag away! Yes


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        That's impressive to me!!! Big grin Way to go!!!!!
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          Impresses the Tight lipped outta me. In my world, sustained pace under 7:00 always sounds impressive. Nice job for an old guy. And this forum is all about the bragging ...
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            It must feel great, to be able to turn back the clock. Good job!

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              Nice work!

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                Great job. I am still dreaming of the day I get back under 7 make that 8. Cool

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                  The only sub 7mm running I do is in my dreams. Way to go!!

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                    Nice job!! Congrats!!

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                      Awesome pace! Keep up the good work!

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                        Thanks for everyone's kind replies. One more reason this is the best running site I know of.
                        Do bears bear? Do bees be?

                          Thanks for everyone's kind replies. One more reason this is the best running site I know of.
                          Everyone here can relate to reaching a running goal, no matter what it is. It's nice to hear others getting excited about what they do, and it's great to be able to share in that excitement.


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                            Nice job Aaron!! Smile No way I can go that fast. I'm impressed!!
                              Congrats! nicely done. Smile

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                                Awesome! I can maaaaybe hold that pace down to first base Big grin

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