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    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone makes use of their lunch hour for a run outside? What with spring here, i decided to take my gear into work today for a 40min lunchtime run. Ive only recently started to run. I thought its a great way to spend an hour thats otherwise quite, well, boring. did 5km. And have gone past the 3pm with no slump. How do feel towards the lunch time miles? do you feel the hour is quite restrictive? not enough time etc? I also read somewhere that our lungs are goverened by a cycle of circadian rhythms Confused that dips quite dramatically around noon and therefore you dont quite get the full potential out of your session around noon time. Have you ever felt this? Cheers. J.
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      In the summer, I prefer night running but in the other seasons, I do most of my running over my lunch hour... I love it.. You're right - otherwise it's often a "wasted" hour, anyway. I usually run for 50 minutes and take 10 for a shower -- plenty of time for a good workout. However, I'm lucky my employer has a shower here. Very nice for us to use. Working out over lunch (instead of evening) keeps your metabolism working faster, too, so you burn more calories. I've never been a morning runner -- wish I was, but except for races, I rarely run then.

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      madness baby

        Marcus, when do you eat? Just afterward?

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          During the week, the majority of my running is at lunch. I have run to work when in the later stages of training, too. Overall, I like it. It helps with my focus afterwards, too. I've never felt that I'm not getting the most out of it, except for those few times I didn't eat well. For the most part, the hour or so works out pretty well for me. I know how many miles I'm going to do, and if it's more than I can fit in that timeframe, I'll run at a different time.
            Marcus, when do you eat? Just afterward?
            Well, my situation is a bit more complicated because I'm a Type 1 diabetic, but I eat an hour before I run and don't take any insulin. This boosts my blood sugar enough to get through the work-out. Often, I'll have a snack mid-afternoon if I'm getting hungry.

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            madness baby

              That's what I was thinking, that I'd have to eat before running. If I don't have food in me, I don't feel very good. You're lucky that you have showers at work! Smile

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                I have been running at lunch now for about 30 years! It makes the 2nd half of the day better and more productive at work, it reduces my appetite and it is invisible to my family! I will eat a sandwich and a piece of fruit for my lunch at my desk and lots of water!

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                  When the weather has been pleasant recently, i.e., two or three times this winter, I have gone out for a run during my lunch hour. I like it. I feel somewhat constrained by the time limit, and the consequence is that I usually have to limit myself to 3 or 4 miles. That gives me enough time to change, run, rinse off slather on deodorant, change, and head back to the salt mine. The downside is that I usually end up having to do a double that day if I planned on doing 6 or 7 miles. Generally speaking, I find the mid-day run quite relaxing, satisfying, pleasant, and energizing. After sitting at my desk staring at this glowing box for several hours, running gives me a really good break -- much better than eating a frozen meal in the snack room, my other alternative. I ought to get up and run before work, but I just cannot force myself to do it. I cannot go from snuggly warm bed to 30 degrees and running at 5 AM. Perhaps after the weather improves.

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                    I run in the evening during the workweek and really enjoy it. It allows me to reflect or blow off steam from the day. With a 25 min lunch I would not get to really run after stretching and showering. On the weekends I try to run between 8am and 10am so my body is used to the routine so when races are on the weekend my body is trying to figure out what I am doing to it by running this early in the morning.

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                      You're lucky that you have showers at work! Smile
                      Actually, my co-workers are the lucky ones. I'd probably run no matter what. Big grin

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                        When I worked I used to run 2-3 times a week at lunch with some of my coworkers. Except for the summer, it was great. Now that I don't work I run whenever I can... which is not usually lunch time.

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                          I run at lunchtime or there around because my girl friends and I get the social time and, like it was already mentioned, its invisible to the family. I still tap into family time on Sat or Sun for a longish early morning run, but weekdays..its that midday pick-me up. In the winter in AK, if you don't get out at lunch you may in fact miss the only view of the sun.
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