How many hours do you work per week? (Read 268 times)

    I work a "typical" 9-5 day, usually + 1/2 hour or so, but I also have a three-year-old. Almost another job on top Wink

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      I didn't even think about this part--the reading books I don't really want to. even if I teach high school seniors, mostly.  I do the same thing, trying to keep up with whatever the kids are reading.  It generally makes it easier to relate the novels we're reading to tropes they're familiar with.


      The years Twilight was popular were hard, though.


      Teaching is harder to quantify.  I leave around 6:30 and arrive home around 3:45.  I teach English Language Arts, so I'm always reading at home, but it usually is middle grade lit.  That isn't exactly what I want to read, but I want to keep up with whatever the kids are into.  Then there's the grading and planning that happens at home too.  Put me down for 55 plus.


      I think my answer would be different in the summer.

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        I work between 20-30 hours a week. I cut back to part time a couple of years ago to help care for aging parents/in-laws and a brother all going though a host of health issues. Some weeks I end up with a very open schedule for running, but other weeks are insanely busy when work is busy and I have multiple appointments or errands with the family to care for. I have to get a bit more creative to fit in the runs those weeks. I'm only running about 30 mpw right now, but want to get up to 45-50 eventually.