B&A Trail HM Race Report (Long) (Read 540 times)


    First off, hats to the Annapolis Striders who put on a very well run race. This was my first "smaller" race that I've run. 1000 runners with 200 runners doing the full marathon and the rest doing the half. I decided on the half this time but next year would really consider going the full. It is nice and flat and although a bit cold at the start, a very nice temp for a marathon. My race day started at 4:45 with a quick banana, bagel, and coffee and then into the car for the 80 minute ride up to Severna Park, MD. No traffic all the way up, a real rarity in these parts. I ended up getting there around 6:30, a full hour ahead of the start. Too early really. Packet pickup took all of about 2 minutes and only a few more to get my bib pinned on and chip tied up. I was linking up with another RA'er, Tri-Kev, who was running the full and we agreed to pace each other for the first half. We hadn't met before this but our paces looked similar and since he was running the full, I agreed to run his pace, whatever that turned out to be, at least until the last couple of miles. He recognized me by my sickeningly bright neon green windbreaker and we chatted for a few minutes before heading off to the start. Once in line, there was a moment of confusion as they turned the crowd around the starting point in the access road in front of the Severna Park High School. Good thing the crowd was manageable. With that taken care of it was off for the first mile. Before I get into the race, I've got to comment on a particular 6 foot 3 bald guy running completely in pink to include a tutu, pink shoes and a very nice little pink wand. He and I posed for a picture before the start and that was the last I saw of him until he blazed past us coming back from the turnaround. He finished in 3:15. That is one fast little pink pixie. If you're reading this, I'll send you the photo, just ask Wink It was probably around 30F at the start and I opted for tights and two layers up top, plus a warm hat and light gloves. Others ran in shorts. I was glad for the extra layers. The only plan Tri-Kev and I discussed was to start out at about a 9 minute pace and then bring it down from there, presumably into the 8:20-8:30 range. The plan didn't survive the first mile. First mile was 8:25 (147bpm). Tri-Kev's heartrate was lower and he was comfortable so we kept it going. Miles 2, 3, and 4: 8:11, 154bpm 8:05, 158bpm 8:06, 161bpm Dropping steadily to the 8 minute mark. Route seemed to be going slightly uphill with word of a fairly hard hill at around 6 miles or so. At this point, my HR had climbed up well above the high 150's that I was hoping for. Kevin was comfortable so we pushed on. Miles 5, 6, and 7: 8:01, 162bpm 7:53, 162bpm 7:44, 162bpm This took us out to the turnaround and sure enough, there was a pretty healthy hill. Nothing dramatic but noticable. The 7:44 was down the hill to the turnaround. I took my one and only gu pack right at the turnaround at mile 7. Miles 8 and 9: 8:18, 165bpm 8:03, 164bpm Mile 8 was the first time we started talking about taking something off the pace as we climbed back up the hill to the water point (hit it coming and going). More talk than anything as the pace went right back to 8:03 for mile 9. Miles 10 and 11: 7:50, 165bpm 7:44, 168bpm My heart rate still seemed solid as we started back down the gradual hill. Climbing a bit towards the 170 mark that I knew would make me uncomfortable. If I was running the full, I would've been in big trouble. But I wasn't. Kevin and I agreed to part ways after mile 11 and I'd kick it in for the last two. Miles 12 to the finish: 6:55, 177bpm 7:14, 178bpm 7:57, 178bpm (pace for last .1) I really kicked it in at mile 12, knowing I probably couldn't hold it. What use is it leaving your running partner if you only accelerate a little bit Blush My HR was climbing towards my max in the low 180's so I just went as hard as I could hold it. Slowed just a bit for the last mile and slowed again to the finish. Probably should've kept my pace no faster than 7:20 even in the last couple. Chip Time: 1:44:36 A huge PR for me by about 15 minutes. Thanks as well to Tri-Kev. Not sure who paced who but he was great company and an all around nice guy if you get to meet him.

    I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


      Nice PR! Jason
        Hi, Great race report. I was there also for the half and a volunteer at packet pickup. I have done this for a few years and the course changes a bit every year, but still pretty flat-they took out the hills at mile 2-3. I am recovering from 3 cracked ribs, so a nice slow run for me, but very enjoyable with the sun and good temps. Finished in 2:04 and happy, but now in some pain from the ribs. How did you like the fleece vest? Not bad for a $40 race fee! Hope you come back next year. Kathy
          Nice report and WOW on the 15 minute PR! Congrats, I'll bet you are still smiling. I know I would be.

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          Another Passion

            Great job, Dave! Awesome race and PR!

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              Right on!

              IronMan ;)

                Dave, It was so much fun running the first half with you and I am way happy to see such a huge PR for you. It was both a pleasure to meet you and a joy to run with you, If I had to do to all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!

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                  You're the second person I heard that PRed on the half in Annapolis yesterday. Good going! I was hoping to be there as well, but by the time I finally decided to run the race they had closed registration after reaching their limit. I'll have to get on the ball earlier next year.