Ice Baths? (Read 768 times)

    (the feet hurt worse than "the boys") Are you doing them in the bath tub? Another option is to use a large heavy plastic garbage can (fill with hose, use outdoors), particularly if you want to keep your boys out of the ice.
    Exactly. My feet were frozen and burned like hades. Try the socks I will, and a trash can. Besides the feet, it takes my breath so hard, I thought I'd have a heart attack.


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      I've used both ice massage and ice baths. They both work well, but I think I prefer the ice massage to sitting in a tub of ice water.
        My long runs are still only 4 miles (building up for a HM next March) but this is what I do also. Of course, I don't have to worry about any boys. Yes It does seem to help my legs feel much less tight the next day or two.
        Cynthia, you don't need to put yourself through the hell of an ice bath (although we girls don't have to worry about "the boys" Tongue ) after a four mile run. I take a cold bath with a bucket of ice thrown in after runs over 12ish miles. It seems to help prevent soreness and stiffness.
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          I love the ice-baths....I'm going with what everyone else said about filling up the tub and THEN adding the ice...I've never had a problem doing it like that...
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