Squeaky Shoe (Read 925 times)


    Obviously nothing OMG TERRIBLE.  Wink  Just mildly annoying.  How does one fix such a thing?  Or don't you?  The right one squeaks, the left doesn't.  Never had this happen before. 

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      Do you have orthotics or Superfeet or the like?  I get this with some shoes and Superfeet insoles.  I dump a tsp. of Blister Shield inside the shoe and then put in the insole if I run into the squeaks.  I've heard of people using baby powder or putting tape in spots on the bottom of insoles, too.

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        Nope, nothing but the sock liner they came with.  Which, of course, could still be squeaking.  I'll try powder, and if that fails, I'm busting out the mounting tape I guess. 



          I have three pairs of NB 1064 -- and one pair squeeks - the others dont  -- I dont get it but I dont worry about it either...they'll wear out in 500 miles - problem solved.......

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