Avoiding dairy & life is better! (Read 530 times)


    Just some lactose intolerance, nothing severe, but figured I could do without most dairy ... I love cheese so it has been challenging!  I literally feel like I have a brand new GI system ... so good ... amazing.  Never liked the cheese on pizza anyway!  I do miss sharp cheddar, fresh mozz, parm, & swiss.  Why do I love cheese so much?!  I still put goat on my salads - doesn't seem to cause me problems like the others.


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      I am SO thankful that my own lactose issues seem limited only to larger quantities of uncultured dairy.  It works as portion control with ice cream and I'm not a milk drinker (I only realized I had issues when I was first doing runs of over maybe 10 miles and making Carnation Instant Breakfast after runs.  At first I thought it was the duration of the runs that were giving me gastric hell, but then I got suspicious and tried Lactaid milk--BINGO!).  I still seem to be able to eat cheese and yogurt without issue.  Good thing, since I was born and raised in WI...you can have my cheese when you pry it from my cold, dead hand! Wink

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        It seems I have lactose issues similar to you.  I do not drink milk.  I do eat cheese and use kefir every morning for breakfast.  One thing I noticed is that I can drink unpasteurized milk.  I usually buy my milk from the farm, but it's getting tougher to do in Ohio.  I understand that the pasteurization process kills some microbes that can help digestion.   I thnking about getting my own cow.

          I can go dairy free , no problem, other than finding the "hidden" stuff. 


          The only thing that I can't live without is yogurt.  And the soy versions are terrible.  I have to eat it every day.   It's a female thing.  But, I eat the plain kind.  I always have.   It's a Lebanese thing.   We put that sh*t on everything ;-)

          - Anya