Marblehead Mass. tortoises needed (Read 388 times)


    Hi everyone,


    I live in Marblehead, MA and am looking for a group to run with that is between a 9-10 min pace. I'm building my mileage for the Cape Ann 25k road race on Labor day.



      I believe that both the North Shore Striders and the Wicked Running Club have weekly group runs around that speed.


      Wicked has a slow run on Monday nights and a larger/longer group run on Saturday mornings with a lot of runners in the 9-10min/mile pace.



      The North Shore Striders have runs on Thursday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings.



      Wednesday nights is the D5k (Danvers 5k) which, in addition to the 5k race which has paces from 5min/mile to 12min/mile, also has a relatively slow 15k run that starts about 90min before the race:


      *The D5k asks for canned good donations to benefit a local food pantry.


      Over the summer you can hook up with the Lynn Woods crew on Wednesdays to get in a some good hill workouts.


      *Except for the relay and the handy-cap the races are free but they have a donation jar that I usually toss in $2/race because they provide post run water/gatorade.


      Happy running!


        Thank you!