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    I am a beginning runner (at 29 years old), who first started training about four months ago. One month ago, just two days after my first race (a 5K), I was doing an easy morning run around a track, and after two miles started to feel discomfort on the outer and back part of my knee area, which by the end of 3 miles turned into noticable pain. I have since been trying to run about once a week (cross-training on other days), but the injury does not seem to be getting better. I can run for a few minutes without any discomfort, then slowly start to feel weakness and discomfort on the outer part of my knee. By the time I've run for about 15 minutes, it has turned into noticable pain. If I continue, I quickly reach a moment where my knee essentially gives out, and I feel a sudden sharp pain ("Ouch!") which forces me to stop


    Another piece of information: When I stand and lift the lower part of my leg back, I can feel a slight griding/popping sensation behind my knee. There appears to be some kind of friction going on with the tendons/cartilage. My research seems to indicate that this is most likely either ITBS or a tear. I think I need to see a professional to get a definite diagnosis, but any opinions/thoughts I can get here would be appreciated.


    I would like to go to someone who has significant experience in diagnosing and treating running injuries, ideally someone who is an avid runner themselves. I would like to find someone I can also go back to in the future if I have another running injury (knee, foot, ankle, etc.). I would appreciate any advice/feedback on what kind of medical professional I should see. Orthopedic? Sports medicine specialist? Chiropractor?


    I live in the Los Angeles area, so specific recommendations from runners who live in southern Calfornia are definitely welcome.


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      See an orthopedic who specializes in sports medicine .

        See an orthopedic who specializes in sports medicine .


        +1. There are also physcians who are non orthos and sports medicine specialists. They can analyze further also. Call clinic and ask if docs are active or runners.


        Could be a tendon tracking issue, IT band if running around graded track same direction, or perhaps a cartilage issue. No matter what, since it has not gotten better with rest, you need to have it checked out.

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          An orthopedic surgeon who understands that athletic/running goals are important to people.

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