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    I did a search and couldn't find an answer anywhere and am thinking it might be because I might be missing something obvious. Blush I used the elliptical for the first time tonight and a few minutes into it I had a question. I was using a program that varied the levels amongst 2, 4, 6, and 8. Is the point to go as hard as possible all the time? I.e. do 53 strides per minute at level 8 and 65 or whatever at level 2? OR is the point to maintain a steady stride per minute? I.e. try to keep it between 53 and 57 strides regardless of the level? Thanks Big grin

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      Here is a thread on ellipticals Redleaf - first you have to decide what your personal goal is for being on the elliptical. Is it for an easy cross training day? Using it as a sub for a run day? If you are using it to sub for a run, then I think you should be trying to duplicate the effort of your run, and set the machine/adjust your pace to whatever you need to achieve that level. It's going to be very different for each person. HTH.

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        Thanks Chenille. I read that thread it just didn't seem to answer my question but I'll re-read it. Maybe I missed something. My RMT recommended that I take a week off from running to rest my legs because my shins were very sore after my runs. He said I could walk, bike, swim or use the elliptical. So I guess I'm doing it in lieu of a run and will aim for that effort. Thanks!

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          The trick is setting them up so your heart rate gets around where it is when you're running...if that's your goal. If it's just a substitute for a run and you want to take it easy just get on the thing and go. I had to use them in place of running while recovering from a knee injury so I had to crank up the resistance on them. They work.
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            I used be an elliptical junkie, it was my favorite workout, first, I never got an injury because you aren't banging your feet on the ground, and it was a good aerobic workout. Before my first 1/2 a few years ago, I did almost exclusively elliptical and was in good shape aerobic wise and went out and got blown off the line by everyone during the entire race. It was then I bought Jack Daniels book and learned about zones, and combined it with my HR training and do much better now. I recently started doing a stepper machine which is similar to the elliptical; however, because I stand up straighter and its more quads than the elliptical and I combine it with squats on the following day and it seems to be a great complementary exercise. I still have my first Rio MP3 player with only 15 songs and I used it on the elliptical all the time.