Pace chart scale and zoom (Read 555 times)

    Hi Eric Smile


    Is there any plan to improve the scale of the pace chart? Currently, the scale is not at a detailed enough level to read. For example the y axis will often show markers for 0:00, 5:00, 10:00 pace etc. but for me all the interesting stuff is usually between 4:00 and 5:00 (besides occasions where I might have stopped, causing a big spike in pace to 10:00+). I wish I could zoom on this area and show more detailed increments on the axis.


    It would be good to allow the user to select what scale they want, a bit like with an Excel chart. I.e. what is the min / max value of the axis (e.g. I may want  it to start at 3:00) and what is the unit of the scale (which may be 1:00, 0:30, 0:10 etc.).


    The same is true with heart rate, it shows from zero but the interesting data is at 120+


    I guess the more advanced option would be to hover over any point on the chart and see the stats from that point, a bit like on Garmin Connect. But this would only be a nice to have and I understand the development would be a lot more complex.


    What's great now is is the ability to show a smoothed average for pace. The other thing I really like is that you can recalculate splits from the garmin data - I frequently use that to plot my data: e.g. set to 0.5km intervals then export into Excel to show as a graph. But that's just me being an analysis geek!


    I recall seeing a post a while back you said you might overhaul the chart functionality at some point, so just wondering if that's on the horizon.


    Thanks a lot, love the site!



      I'm planning to redo the graphs as part of the revamp.  I would like to have more interactive charts.  We'll see.


        Looking forward to that! Smile


          Me too.

          rebuilding r2th v2.0

            I was planning to start a thread with similar request - the best would be the possibility to change the range of the x and y scales. Looking forward to seeing the changes that you are planning to implement. Thanks for all the work!

              It would seem to me that the easiest default scale for the y-axis is just the max y value minus the min y value with perhaps the upper and lower bounds being rounded to the next higher and lower minute boundaries respectively.


                Not trying to hijack this thread (I think this qualifies as still on topic).  I have two feature requests for the graph.


                1.  Allow a third graph on the canvas.  I would love to see hr, speed, and elevation in one viewing.


                2.  I would love to be able to do a linear regression on a graph.  For example, I know my hr rose during long run, but I would love to be able to quantify how quickly it rose between two points.


                Thanks for everything, Eric.