Trouble uploading a workout file (Read 97 times)


    I have had the same problem the last few days. The uploaded files do not show up, except April 2nd when all the files suddenly were there. But today the upload problem is back again. But experience tells me that in a few days everything will work great again.

    I am very satisfied with RA, and have used it for many years. Eric is doing a great job with the site. Thank you!


      I have been having this same issue all last week. I upload a small .fit file but then....nothing. It doesn't show up.  It usually will show up several hours or sometimes a few days later though. I'm not sure exactly why.....


        Seems to be batch processing.  I uploaded 4/2-4/3.  They showed up early 4/3, then nothing since.  I'm sure the server will catch up like before.