Treadmill options for $1000 (Read 286 times)


    I'm looking at buying a treadmill for myself and my wife to use during our Montana winters.  Don't have a ton to lay out, but I know that I'll need to spend at least $1000 to get anything decent.  I run between 30 and 40 mpw and she is 15-20.  What I'm wondering is should I buy a lesser treadmill new (NordicTrack 1500 on sale) or something used.  I found the following used locally:


    Spirit XT200 w/ 50 miles on odometer (five-zero, not a typo!)  - $899

    Spirit XT375 w/ 750 mileson odometer - $999



    Any suggestions on these two Spirits?  Or should I look at ordering online?



      I don't think any $1000 dollar machines will hold upto 2-3K miles/year.