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running metalhead

    Hi all,


    My old account is EnricM


    I just created this second account because my old one is completely messed up.

    I can't manage to remove some entries in the Running activity (I know, I have read the thread). I assume that this is because of some constraint in the MySQL tables... and as a DBA myself I know that it would be a hell of work. So, Eric, just don't bother

    In any case: My data is there and my intention using this site to create training plans and be able to monitor them and not to show off how many miles I do in a year/month/decade... well, for that I have a calculator, right ? Smile

    I hope this new and clean beginning will bring back some of the past motivation as I am struggling to get in the groove again and in a rather gloomy mood (or in other words trying to crawl out of a deep depression).

    So, lads and lassies, here I am (again).

    When I run I feel like a swallow

    Because you are free like a bird?

    Nope, because of all the flies I eat.