2013 Sub-3:00 Marathon Goal Thread (Read 2199 times)

    Just curious if anyone in here has had success with one of the Daniel's plans. I am looking at Daniel's, Pfitz, Hanson's or just winging it. I am drawn to the simplicity of Daniel's (do two quality workouts, especially this one but also that one).



    Nashville, TN


      I thought running was supposed to be simple?

      I am drawn to the simplicity of Daniel's (do two quality workouts, especially this one but also that one).

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        So post your target race(s) and let us know your age and if you've been sub-3 before (*); chat about training, races, and tweaking; and be sure to follow up with your results, good or bad!



        I'm throwing my hat into the ring, though it may be a long shot.  I'm 34, based in the UK and ran a PB of 3:08:59 in 2011, having followed the Pfitz 55-70 plan.  I'm now following the Pfitz 70-85 plan, albeit only approximately, and not quite hitting the maximum prescribed mileage, just doing what real life permits. (In the last couple of weeks I've moved house, and we have two toddlers running around, so running just has to be fitted in whenever it can be.)


        My goal marathon is the Moray Marathon which is in northern Scotland on September 1.  My aim is to manage a BQ-10 (i.e. 2:59:59 or better) which will hopefully be enough to get me into Boston and will also be a significant PB.  The slightly random race selection has been made in order to try and run a fast time before Boston opens, which means finding somewhere likely to be reasonably cool in late summer - and if Scotland is known for anything, it's slightly crappy weather!


          I'm throwing my hat into the ring, though it may be a long shot. 


          Based on your 5K and 10K PR I think a sub 3 is probably doable if you put in the training.  I got my first sub 3 off similar mileage and PRs for 5K and 10K. The only challenge I see is that your 10 mile and half times are quite a bit slower, so maybe need more focus on LT runs, and get your half time down closer to 1:25.

            Thanks for the advice.  It's difficult to know which of my (fairly old) PRs are really representative now, and I'd certainly not be contemplating a sub-3 if I didn't think I could break 1:28-and-change for a half marathon. I think Pfitz has me doing a fair few LT runs over the next few weeks so hopefully that'll help.


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              Well, I'm a scratch for Richmond.  A nagging groin injury has thrown my preparation off-track, and I won't be ready in time.

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                2:58:37 at Lehigh Valley.


                And nickp was in under for his race as well.

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                  I will be running Twin Cities Marathon on October 6.  My goal is a PR 2:59:49.  (56/yes)

                    2:58:37 at Lehigh Valley.


                    And nickp was in under for his race as well.


                    awesome result GK, time to spare too.  first time under 3, right?  sweet.


                      I missed at the Twin Cities this weekend.  3:03:58.  The race went off well and I felt good for the first half, hitting the half way mark at about 1:26:50, but then I got quite sick at mile 15:  diarrhea and the first set of portapotties were all occupied so i had to run to the next set, felt like I needed to vomit but couldn't get anything up, and a bad cramp in my left calf, but I managed to keep going and I was quite surprised when I hit the 24 mile mark at 2:48 and saw that I had a chance to qualify for the race next year (I needed to to get under 3:05 for my age).  I am happy that i did get this good time but I am disappointed that whatever malady hit me (for the first time during a race) and kept me from reaching my potential.


                        I'm Doug and I am new (last few months) to running ahead but this seems pretty cool.  I haven't been running very long but I would like to go under 2:45 in Chicago on Sunday.  I'm currently sitting on a 2:50:23 in Boston and 2:45 seems reasonable.

                          Putting it out there. Baystate, Lowell, MA - October 20, sub 3.

                          Looks like I signed up for the Baystate Half. Year's not over tho...

                            I've signed up for Manchester City 11/3/13 so I might as well take another crack at this sub-3 thing. My training hasn't been where it was before Maine Coast but cracking 3 looks a lot less challenging sitting on a ~3:03 PR instead of the ~3:18 PR I had heading into my last try. Call it a 2:57 goal.

                              Alrighty, I'm going to have another crack at a decent run again this year.


                              Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon 22nd December.  Goal: 2:48 (40/yes)


                              This is flat but a fair amount is off-road so I'm not expect it to be fast, I'm looking for a nice even race to set me up for 2014.

                                Mission accomplished in Chicago. 2:55:12.


                                I posted a report in my log.