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    I live right near a beach and today I saw that low tide coincided nicely with when I got home from work, so I decided to take a long walk on the beach (don't hate me cause I live in Florida!) As soon as I got on the sand, I noticed that the seaweed kept sticking to my right foot. After trying to get it off for awhile, I just gave up and ignored it. After the walk, I tried to rinse off the shoes in the fountain and most of the sand came off my left shoe, but it was still all over the right one. Got home and brought the shoes to the kitchen sink and thinking the sand was really packed in the grooves tightly, I got out a knife and tried digging it out. Got a little, but not much. So I give up and throw the shoe under the faucet and start scrubbing with my hand. Within seconds my hand is COVERED in black grease. There must have been an oil spot or spill on the beach that I stepped in without noticing. Nothing I did would get the grease off, and I still can barely get it off my hands so everything I touch gets brown and sticky. I am so mad, not only for the added hassle of cleaning up my mess, but for what we are doing to the environment with oil spills, and cause I now have to buy a new pair of running shoes (when it's not quite in the budget and this pair only has 90 miles on them!) GGGRrrrrrrr......
      Have you tried Dawn dish detergent? That's fairly good at desolving grease/oil. Another idea is a citrus based solvent like Orange GooGone (I think that's the name of it). I hate the idea of having to throw away an otherwise perfectly serviceable pair of shoes. Mike

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        The Dawn idea is a good one--I know they have used that to clean up after oil spills. I'd be careful with any solvents, though, I would think they could eat through the glues and other materials in your shoes. k

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          Thank you both for the idea.- I will give Dawn a try today.
          Have you tried Dawn dish detergent? I hate the idea of having to throw away an otherwise perfectly serviceable pair of shoes.
          Me too. The shoes are still runable, but since the oil/grease is all over the bottom they can never be worn indoors again. Not so practical for going to the gym/treadmill but OK if I put them on outside and take them off before I walk in the door. They have just become my new beach-specific shoes I think. I went to the running shop this morning and got a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 2's at a great sale price (and they are the right kind of shoe for my foot). Who knows, maybe the new shoe will even help alleviate some of the foot problems I've been having. I'm not as mad as I was yesterday, but thanks for listening ot the rant and for the cleanup suggestions. Smile