Anyone have a Fitbit One ? (Read 231 times)


    Considering getting one to play with....experiences ????


    Jess runs for bacon

      I don't have the one but I have the Ultra. Totally awesome. You should have seen the panic attacks I had when I lost it the two times (I found it). I think it gets overlooked by runners but it is important to try and keep moving all day, fitbit is great for that and is probably the best pedometer on the market.


      I'm not sure if the One has a floors feature, but you definitely want one with that.



        Getting myself one for X-mas.. hoping they fixed the whole driving issue.


        Chief Unicorn Officer

          I have the Ultra and have used it for over 2 years.  I love it.  I've never had any real technical problems (had to reset it on the base two times in that time period), and when my case started to crack, I took photos, sent it to customer service, and they sent me a replacement free of charge.  I love mine.

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