Office Job, excessive sitting? (Read 129 times)

    Anyone out there sit for long periods of their work day?


    or did you use to and make a change? if so what did you do? standing desk? better chair?


    aside from athletics, sports, etc... I feel like I'm sitting my day away and I read somewhere the average person walks 1.5 miles a day, I bet some days I'm less than 0.25 miles....



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      I definitely move less now that I work from home. Even the things that make me get up (need water, bathroom break, etc) are much closer together at home than when I worked in the office. I have a sit stand desk at both home & work, so I can stand when I want to (usually when listening to a phone call and not needing to participate).


      I wear my Garmin almost 24/7, so I make an effort to move. On the days I don't run, I make an effort to walk at least 30 minutes.


        I definitely move less now that I work from home. Even the things that make me get up (need water, bathroom break, etc) are much closer together at home than when I worked in the office. 


        Same. I run every day, but aside from that I'm a complete slug, at least on weekdays. I mostly sit in my home office chair for 8 hours, then move to my living room chair for the evening. I looked at some history in my Apple Health app (I don't run with my phone so that's not included). On a typical work day I've only been getting in 800-1000 steps. When I was working in an office, I was getting in the 3000-4500 range. I need to make an effort to walk around the block a couple times a day. I'm sure the dog would appreciate some extra walkies too, although of course she makes the walk take 3x longer.



          I'm surprised, but I move more now that I'm working from home.   Part of it is that I walk the dogs every day (usually twice) for a total of a mile or so and I do obey my Apple watch and walk a minute every hour.  I try to go outside and move around the house.  I would have thought our big office building meant more walking, but I seem to be doing better at home.  I will turn off my video on calls sometimes and just do some laps around the kitchen. 

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            Not sure, I think I run more but that was more related to what i was training for (til it was canceled).  The walking is a bit less so i was making a point to go for a 10 minute walk in the morning and one in th eafternoon as well.  then my wife usually wants me to walk with her after work as well.


            But in the office, while I am an accountant and sit for a lot of the day, there was always trips to the printer, the bathroom (would usually walk to a different floor to get extra steps in) and if I had questions for someone I owuld usually walk to their office instead of an email - now its all email or Skype so I lost all that.



              Several thousand steps less daily now I work from home.

              I made a point of going to someones office over calling in the building. For the marketing team that was 500+ steps round trip, each time.

              Now its all remote calls. Which frequently run back to back to back to back.

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                i have been working from home since the covid outbreak. I had a motorized sit/stand desk at work that was really nice. At home, i bought a manually operated sit/stand desk that suits my needs. I resurfaced it because the all black surfaces were just too oppressive.

                I also really beefed up my home gym in the last few months in that my regular gym is closed (still).

                At work, i did a lot of things to be mobile, and the list is long.

                I would make a point to walk across or around our workplace grounds most days if i could. For a long time i wore ankle weights under my pant leg but a few times i developed knee pains, so wary or that....

                Sometimes i would carry in one hand a weighty little steel plate in my notebook or in an envelope to approximate a core/ab stressing exercise across the sagital plane, complete with an arm swing - that is a good one.

                Sometimes i use a balance bubble (little miniture bosu ball thing) to stand on one leg as i worked at the sit/stand desk.Did the same thing while doing calf raises off a 2x4 wood block.

                And i would occassionally lower the sit stand desk as low as it would go and sit on the floor, doing leg extensions to stretch, or sit on my haunches with my feet under me and my knees extended forward (great stretch!),

                At conferences or assemblies, i would always stand in the back for as much of the time as i could, and would practice standing on one leg at a time, to exhaustion.

                I tend to be the fidgety type as you may have gathered....


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                  I've always worked from home.  And people would sometimes ask me why I almost never took complete rest days - I always did a little something - maybe a gentle yoga class or an hour of aqua-jogging.


                  And now you know why.  When you commute and work in an office, a "rest day" still involves a fair amount of gentle, low intensity activity.  If you work from home, you don't get that gentle low intensity activity unless you schedule it.

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                    For two years I worked in an office, and there was twice a day exercise. Now I work at home, and I go three times a week to exercise, and I also exercise in the morning.