What's on your RoadID? (Read 1144 times)


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    I use "id on me" I have my wifes' name and phone number, my name and "no allergies" .

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      BTW, and I'm surprised they haven't chimed in yet, a lot of people use home-made solutions and other things instead of a roadid.  You don't have to do it that way.  But I like their products, so I do.


      I've been running for 20+ years. Dog tags from the military is what I started out with, no data that would be of benefit to a first responder, just the mortician. Then the dog/ID tags you get punched out for $5 at the local big box store up until the last 3-4 years and now the Road ID (only because I got it as a prize for a race). Strap doesn't stink? Ankles don't sweat?


      The dog/ID tags are what I used to wear attached to my shoe. Annoyed the piss out of my running partners. Until I figured out how to attach it so it wouldn't jingle.

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        I use a military style dog tag around my neck.  I wore them for years so it doesn't bother me.  It hasUndecided


        My Name

        City, State


        Wife's Cell

        Son's Cell


        I've gotten some ideas here so I may change it up.  The good thing is they're cheap.


        Happy Friday Eve!



          I just got mine in the mail on Monday.




          Boyfriend's number

          Parents' numbers


          There wasn't enough space for all my drug allergies so I left them out unfortunately. Wasn't sure what to do there but my emergency contacts could provide that info if necessary.


            Thanks for all the great suggestions. 


            I settled on:

            First Last Name

            Town, CT, USA

            Husband 's Cell

            Mom's Cell

            "I can and I will"


            I left off NKA and Blood Type because my EMT brother in law said they'd test me any way, and I don't have any allergies so nothing to alert them to.  I'd rather them call DH before doing anything anyway.


            I can and I will!

              I have the wrist strap and depending on which pair of shoes I'm wearing also a shoe tag.




              Home phone

              DH Cell

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                I was thinking of getting the Slim bracelet; any thoughts for/against?


                I'm way over-thinking this, I'm sure!!

                 I didn't finish reading the thread yet so someone else might have already replied to this.  I have the Slim bracelet and I love it.  It's small and doesn't bother me when I'm running.  I like that it is rubbery which makes it easy to clean. 


                My mom and cousin have it as well.  I have my name/year of birth, city & state I live in, my parent's house # (no one would be home at my house since I live alone), my mom's cell phone #, and then my dad's cell phone #.  I probably didn't need 3 contact numbers but my mom ordered it for me and knows that they don't always hear their cell phone when they are home. My cousin has the same type of info plus a quote on her's.  I don't have any allergies or medical issues but if I did I would have included those. 



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                  I have one of those thin rubber bands and wear it all the time.  It is my jewelry! 


                  Name/birth year

                  City, State

                  Wife's phone numer

                  Mom's phone number

                  "Did I win?"


                  "Did I win", lol :-)  Good one!   ---Let's hope a paramedic never has to read that line.  (And if the unfortunate ever happens and he does, let's hope he isn't laughing so hard that he struggles to give CPR correctly.


                  I run on the running trails, but they are along some busy streets with high speed limits.  I'd be very unlikely to get hit, but if I did, it'd be over and done.  Perhaps my quote I add to mine will be "A pine box will do" or something to that effect.

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                    I have heard that some will get the wrist RoadID and use it as their Garmin watch band so they won't forget to take it with you.  The only issue is that they might see the watch and not realize it has your personal information on it.

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                      DH's name and number

                      My allergies

                      The fact that I use an inhaler (just in case I am found unable to breathe and need a pump)



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                          Spouse's phone #


                          MEAN DOG AT HOME


                            Some kind of funk that gives me a rash and won't go away even if I sterilise it.


                            permastink!  (or permafunk).  Yes!


                            Peace out!

                              Besides my RoadID, I also have a GO Sports ID. It's two sided, and comes with silicon wrist bands. I didn't like the bands, so I grabbed some paracord and made this:

                              Go Sport ID


                              5k -    22:39      12/11     10k -  49:10      11/11

                              20k -  1:56:56    9/12      13.1 - 1:54:07    3/12

                              30k -   3:05:54   9/12      26.2 -  5:00:27 10/12


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                                my name

                                wifeys name

                                wifeys number

                                son#1 number

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