Pain on the right outside of right foot. (Read 70 times)

    I have had a pain on the right outside of my right foot on the ankle. Sometimes is moves up the outside of the right leg. It hurts when I try to do a toe rise using only the right leg. It hurts more to walk than to run. It has hurt for several months now. I ran the Portland Marathon with it. There were other pains that hurt worse in that event. I would like to know what it is.


      Sounds like the peroneal tendon. I was dealing with pain there earlier this month. Lot of deep soleus stretches helped like this (I also tried it with the back foot angled [toes outward at 45°] to focus on the peroneal muscles):



      Check out this site: http://www.athletestreatingathletes.com/ata-blog/2013/05/peroneal-tendonitis/

        Thank you Tim, mostly I don't want a long lasting or something that will stop me from running. I am in the cancer club and running helps with my outlook on life.