SunTrust Richmond and Rocket City Marathons: Opinions? (Read 357 times)

    Apologies if it's a comet, but my searching didn't turn up anything comprehensive ...


    I'm looking at a late fall marathon, something in the mid-October to December timeframe.  I'm Charlotte-based but don't mind traveling a little.  Loved Twin Cities but have a recurring spousal schedule conflict and want to stay married.


    Although I'm open to others, I've been considering Richmond and Rocket City based on what little I've read about them.  Anyone have some insight, good/bad/indifferent, on either race?  Or want to suggest one from off the menu?  TIA

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      Both are great races.  Richmond has more of a chance (though not a great chance) of being warm.  But not usually.  Richmond has more spectators.  Both are fast courses.  I'd say Richmond is a teensy bit more roly poly.


      Oh, and while Rocket City is flattish, don't think 'complete pancake'.  Flat for the area though.


        Never done Richmond. I'll be going to Huntsville for the Rocket City marathon for the 3rd time this year. It's the flattest course within driving distance of me. Nice to sleep in my on bed before a marathon.


        They've been putting on this race for over 25 years. Class act, some describe the course as boring. Smaller marathon, not many spectators.


        It's sold out the last 2 years at least. Little bit of discussion here. Comes up on that board every year. Do a search for more discussion.

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          I just ran Richmond this weekend.  While I ran my worst marathon in 10 years, it was all my fault as this was a super race!  Very well organized, great, scenic course, adequate spectators, lodging was available very close to start and finish.  Only a couple of "hills", though there are spots which are incliney/decliney.  Expo was ok.  Took a course tour the day before which was very helpful. 


          I would recommend this race to everyone.  Have not run Rocket City, but it is on mylist for next year.

            Depends what you want, of course. 


            I've run Richmond several times because it's an easy drive for me. It's a very well-organized medium-sized race that's easy to navigate.  Plenty of porta-johns at the start. Lots of volunteers.  There's an 8K and half that start earlier, then the marathon.  3700+ marathoners this weekend.  Pretty good--and loud--crowd support, bands, etc.  Nice amenities: 2 wet towel stops, junk food stop (if you're into that). Varied course that's almost always interesting.  Rolling course; nothing big. Here's the elevation profile:


            Weather was perfect this year, but I have hit it on warm years with predictable results (since I love cold weather). 


            Until Thursday, registration is $55.  Can't beat that.


            ETA: Those two hills around 7 & 16 are bridge crossings.  Oh, and the last 0.3 is downhill, which is awesome!


              I haaaaaate that downhill at the end. Ha.