Cam's Miagical Mile (Read 748 times)

Go Pre!

    I couldn't resist posting this pic. This is my 2 youngest, Cameron, 6yrs finishing the Kids Macical Mile in 9:20.(escorted by his darling sister Sarah) The first link below has the 2 of them, then click next pic to see Cam crossing the finish line in style with a smile. ---> The kids ---> Mrs Daddyo ---> and Me Dave p.s. we need to get Eric to allow us to Modify the Subject line...I can't 'fix' my typo Smile
      Wow, look at that smile! Make sure you get a print of that one of them together! It's beautiful! Congrats to your whole family. Smile

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      You'll ruin your knees!

        We should all have that smile when we cross the line! Thanks for sharing the pics. Lynn B

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          You all look great, but that little guy of yours is friggin' adorable!!! Big grin k

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            And just how cool is it that he got to wear # 1? Cool
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            Go Pre!

              Wearing #1 is cool! Although there were about 75 other small children wearing number 1 as well Big grin Oneof these days I am going to sign up for a race early enoughto get a single digit number Smile
                Wearing #1 is cool! Although there were about 75 other small children wearing number 1 as well Big grin
                Thanks for completely disillusioning me. I was so impressed, too. Oh, well. By the way, couldn't help but notice you were leaning back a bit as you crossed the finish line. Might want to be more careful with that:
                E-mail: JakeKnight2002@aol.com

                Go Pre!

                  Oh dear...now I may just topple forwards this weekend to ensure I don't end up on my keester!
                    Congrats on what sounds like a great family event! And your kids are adorable!!!! I just have two issues: 1. I want to be able to smile that cute after running a mile. 2. I want to be able to run a mile that fast!! Congrats again. It is so great that you have your family so involved. Big grin
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