First goal accomplished! (Read 977 times)

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    Well done, sabend! In your somewhat diminishment of your accompishment in comparison to other runners here, I can assure you for all of us out here celebrating 10k and marathon accomplishments, we all started in the same place... with one mile. Keep up the great work and remember... forward is forward. Congratulations! Wink

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      i think that's awesome!!! i can't run a whole mile yet but when i do i will be excited too.... good for you!!! that's wonderful!!!

      Giants Fan

        CONGRATULATIONS! I think the cool thing about the support here is we all know how important each step is for every runner, no matter where they are on that ladder. Keep up the good work!

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          It appears you are still running to fast.
          If I run any slower, I'll be walking. And I ain't exaggerating either. I know it's only 1.2 miles, but it's HILLY (Tufts University, after all, is infamous for its hills). The entire run is uphill except for the VERY beginning and the VERY end (so the warm up and cool down). I ran it again today, although I forgot to time myself. I know I could go farther on a treadmill, or if I weren't running uphill the entire time, but since I'd like to be able to run at least 5K at the end of the summer, if not more, I need to be able to deal with the hills. The treadmills at the gym are timed, and I'm working at distance right now. I didn't have any problems this time. It wasn't exactly as easy or pleasant as the treadmill runs or my 1 mile route (which is mostly uphill, but with a downhill portion in the middle). But it was much better than last time, even though I was unable to run on Saturday and Sunday (although I wasn't exactly vegging). It's also a GREAT feeling to know I've accomplished it, and that I can only get better at it. If I had known that I could get better at running so quickly, and that I could actually LIKE it, I would have started SO much sooner.