Entering Intervals - using tab/enter key instead of mouse (Read 779 times)

    Hi Eric, First off, I have to say how much I love the log in general, in particular the intervals. I used to use coolrunning and had to enter every interval as a separate workout! I have noticed a few things and thought I would throw them out here. I am using IE 6.0 SP 2, Windows XP SP 2. First - I tend to use my keyboard over my mouse. The behavior below does not happen when I click the Add button with my mouse. When I am entering an interval, I tab all the way through until the "Add" button has focus and then I hit enter: When I hit enter, instead of adding the interval and creating a new blank field, it collapses the interval field: Now if I expand the intervals section again, although I have entered a time and distance for the first one, the Add button is disabled: If I tab through the distance and time fields forwards, the Add button stays disabled. However, if I shift-tab through the fields starting at the Heart rate, as soon as I shift-tab backwards into the time field, the button becomes enabled. I have recreated this a couple times. Also, this never affects me, but it's along a similar line. If you enter an interval workout, the next day, when you do a new run, it defaults to interval also. When it is defaulting to interval, the actual section to enter the intervals is collapsed. Never a big deal to me because I never do two interval workouts in a row, so I am always switching it to something else..
      Can't help you with all your questions/issues, but when you are tabbing across the fields, when you get to the ADD button, instead of hitting the enter key, hit the spacebar.
        thanks btb! That did work... now I just have to remember to do that...
          You're welcome. Nice use of screen shots and editing in your original question btw! And I learned something from you. I too encountered the greyed out ADD button issue, and usually got around it by retyping an entry into one of the data fields. Shift-tabbing is much easier, so thanks for that!
            t_runner Thanks for the great report. The screen shots are awesome! The problem is when you tabbed out of the text boxes, any action (the enter key) will be directed to the "Save" button. The server rejected the data because it's missing a total time and/or distance. Next time, you should use the space bar, or, instead of tabbing over, just hit enter in one of the text boxes in the intervals form. eric Smile
              Gotcha, that makes sense now. The workarounds are working out great for me, thanks a lot! Smile