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    I just found out I got upgraded to Local Competitive start for the NYC marathon.  Since none of my friends nor family have any idea what that means (other than my wife, who I already bragged to), I'm posting it here  :-)

    HTFU?  Why not!

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      Dude - that's pretty sweet. What time did you post in your previous race to earn that?



        I think it was a 1:23 in a half.  The cut off was 1:24 so I squeeked in.  

        HTFU?  Why not!

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            Just realized that, on the downside, I think I'm now starting in Green, which is bottom of the bridge.

            Oh well.  At least I get a private toilet before people later get the chance to pee on me :-P

            HTFU?  Why not!

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              Excellent!  (except for the getting peed on part).

              - Joe

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                  Great news Dave! Bragging here is always ok and fun!

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                    Good work!  It's fun to share with people who know how cool it really is.

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                      Wow!  That's really great.  Congratulations!

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