My September Goal and the White Cliffs Race Report (Read 187 times)

    Sorry it is a personal August Goal Post but at the weekend I ran an event called the White Cliffs Challenge taking me over the famous chalk cliffs in Dover, Kent in England. Billed as 52 miles but near enough 56 with about 6,500 feet of ascent in total.


    My training has been somewhat lacking in the approach to it due to working in the anti-Doping teams at the Olympics and Paralympics but was determined to do it.


    In the middle of the event I reached a major milestone of running 10,000 miles since I started running 5 years ago and did the best way I know, in the dark, slightly lost and during an ultra Big grin


    Here is my Race Report not helped by the misplacing my camera but with the promise that the picture are to be published in the coming days:


    White Cliffs Challenge Race Report 



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