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    In spite of not running for 3 weeks, my stress fracture site is "really hot" - that is the only response I got to questions regarding grade and age. After repeat x-rays at the office, words like "no black line", and "pinning" entered into the conversation. OK - I'm a little scared right now. My pain is actually better; was told that was because I was "tough" - not impressed with that right now. The plan is to get me a bone stimulator that I will be wearing 6-10 hours a day. Activity restrictions: NO nordic trac, spinning, rowing,walking on the treadmill, lower body machines, squats, lunges, or any weight training that involves standing while holding weights. I am allowed to do upper body work, elliptical, and ,sigh, pool running. He will let me know when he wants repeat films, and then decide how to proceed depending on whether healing is taking place or not. Best case scenario - up to 12 weeks off starting now.Oh, also confirmed double stress fracture from last year's injury. I guess for me, running with pain that goes away 15 minutes into the run is not a good indicator - apparently I will need to be pain free from step 1. Dexa scan borderline normal/osteopenia. He said he plans on conferring with my endo. About the only positive was that when I said my goal was to return to running - he said that was his goal as well. I guess that's because running is a "treatment" for osteopenia Roll eyes

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      Wow - tough situation. Know we're thinking about you...
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        It must be very tough on you. Normally I would not venture to offer any medical advice or push any 'miracle' products but there is one herb cissus quadrangularis that really helped with healing my mom's broken leg. A few years ago she broke her arm and it took forever to heal. This time we tried with dr's cautious OK using cissus. I believe it really helped speed up the healing. To read more go to http://www.freetrainers.com/FT/jsp/Message.jsp?f_ix=6&t_ix=654 there are additional links there to more articles and research. Of course I would consult with you doctor. Good luck. Ewa
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          Good luck to you, stress fractures are bad, and they won't forgive you if you try to come back too soon. BTW my ortho prohibited elliptical too, as it's weight bearing. FYI here's a program I used with great success AFTER my stress fracture healed. It's frustratingly slow but it works: http://www.pfitzinger.com/labreports/stressfracture.shtml

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            That totally bites hun! (((HUGS))) hope the bone stimulator works miracles and your back to running sooner than expected!

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              I had a stress fracture in my tibia years ago and it sucked -- I was in really good shape at the time and I missed out on a whole summer of racing and training. My best advice is to hit the pool. If you're a swimmer, great. If not, water running is awesome exercise. Get an aqua jogger http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/AQU01/ , and head to the deep end. You can judge your workouts based on time and intensity, and even do time-based intervals. I've heard of elite athletes who've had to do water training due to injury, and didn't miss a beat. Good Luck, Jeff

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                Oh, no...Cheryl, I'm so sorry to hear this! I agree that pool running and swimming could really be of great benefit to you. I know Eryn did this when she had stress fractures last year and it helped her to stay in shape. And now you have a good excuse to get your arms buff, right...? I hope the months you will be off from running go REALLY fast! Just think, you will be ready to go come Summer, which sure does beat being laid-up during the best running months, right?! Smile k

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                  Thanks for your kind thoughts, and I will check out that cissus with my endo. Finding out that my last years injury was a double stress fracture is really going to help me recover from this one. I'll just do it a lot slower this time. I plan on deep water running 3x/week. I do laps after, and I'm such an inefficient swimmer that I burn lots of calories! Thanks goodness I have a water proof MP3 player. I don't know why the doc told me elliptical was OK - I tried it, and definitely had low grade pain after so I'm just not going to go there right now. On a positive note, I was so mad last night that I hit my 10th rep with the 60# set on the bench press 1st time ever!!!- DH was spotting me, but I did it all myself Big grin I definitely could stand to do a lot of core work too. We have tickets to the Prefontaine Classic in June that coincides with my 12th week of recovery - so maybe my 1st real run will be on Pre's Trail! Anyways, something to look forward to. Thanks again for the support! Cheryl

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