Heart Rate Monitor Records Low (Read 431 times)

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    So I got this HRM (Polar) for Christmas. I read all about the training and have really gotten into it. For the last 3 weeks, my HRM records really, really low heart rates during some of my run. I have been averaging 148, with a top of 164 on most runs. But on the "bad days", like today, I got an average of 92. Sometimes it can be as low as 39. That was for a nine mile run. Easy, sure, but I wasn't walking. The watch part works well, and it is keeping accurately track of time, but this is hardly a tool for training when it is wildly inaccurate. Any else have similar problems?
      Oh yeah. I've had 2 Polars and had similar problems with both: usually what I assume was accurate, but (often enough to be very annoying) way off. It seemed to coincide with weather: very windy and/or cold days. I don't bother training by HR anymore, but it certainly was frustrating when I did.
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